Keep records of working hours

All you need is your cell phone

Drawing up plans and monitoring the implementation of the arrival and departure of employees to the places of work. Monitoring the use of work machines and vehicles, monitoring material consumption, preparing a description of daily activities.

Record of working hours

Simple and accurate recording of employees' working times through:

  • Mobile phone when the employee is physically present at the geographical location of the workplace
  • A card reading terminal in the company or at other locations

Desktop applications through manual entry of stay/absence by an authorized person

For each arrival/departure recording via mobile phone or terminal, the geographical location of the recording is recorded, which can be displayed on the map. Logging through the desktop application can be performed from any location with Internet access by an authorized person without entering the geographical location of the log.


It is determined for each employee whether he should work according to:

  • Fixed working hours on fixed days
  • Or should work according to the work calendar according to the requirements of the work process

Employees with fixed working hours can also be defined as being able to work according to a work calendar. The system first checks whether there is an entry in the work calendar for the day to be recorded. If this is the case, this schedule is valid, otherwise fixed working hours and fixed working days are taken into account. Work on days on which the employee does not have to work is not recorded as working time, but only as an unofficial stay in the company.

Any absences such as vacation, illness, paid vacation, etc. are also automatically recorded according to the fixed work schedule or the work schedule according to the work calendar exactly on these days and for the number of hours planned for each day.


The types of absence and work are listed below

  • Privately absent
  • Officially absent
  • Vacation
  • National holiday
  • Religious holiday
  • Use of hours worked
  • Business trip
  • Paid leave
  • Paid leave education
  • Paid leave blood donation
  • Daily wage payment by special resolution / work stoppage
  • Physical examination
  • Sick leave up to 15 days
  • Sick leave for 15-42 days
  • Sick leave for 42 days
  • Sick leave due to work-related accidents
  • 100% compensation for sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • On-call service
  • Unpaid leave
  • Unjustified absences
  • Suspension
  • Home Office
  • Regular work (paid)
  • Union allowance without a hot meal
  • Downtime due to the employer's fault
  • Lockout
  • Overtime (paid)
  • Work in redistribution (order times)
  • Late arrival
  • Early departure
  • Standby service on public holidays
  • Unofficial stay in the company

Entry of absences such as vacation, paid vacation, sick leave, overtime - paid, overtime - working hours is done via the desktop application by authorized persons. These entries can only be undone by an authorized person via the desktop application. Other records of the days for which the above absences are recorded, with the exception of annual leave, cannot be made in the specified time evidenced by the recorded absence. Recording work while taking annual leave can be done by an authorized person by entering it directly into the shift list of the desktop application. These hours worked are automatically included in the employee's hours worked, which can later be used as evidence of the hours worked in the shift list.


In addition to recording absences, overtime and redistribution work, employees' business trips at home and abroad are recorded seamlessly with complete accounting and printing of programs and orders for business trips.


The recording of regular working hours can be interrupted by private or business trips, recording project work or any other type of absence. Every new start to work at a different place of work or work on a project or every private or business vacation automatically ends the previous stay at the previous place of work. All recorded stay or absence times are recorded separately and there can be no time overlaps. All pro-rata stays or absences are added up as cumulative working hours for this working day. Stay in the company during the day or at night is managed separately with special coefficients for the value of the hours worked. The same applies to working on Sundays during the day or at night and to working on public holidays during the day or at night. Continuous stay or absence when transitioning from one day type to another day type is automatically separated.


For each manager or worker it is defined which workers they can see and whose records they can change or approve. During the absence of the manager, it is possible to elect a deputy who will automatically receive the powers of the person he represents for the period for which he is supposed to carry out this task. After the expiry of the validity period of the successor to the managing director, the rights of the deputy expire automatically.


Any delay at work or leaving work early is initially recorded as an unpaid stay and an email is automatically sent to the supervisor. By opening the email and clicking on the link in the email, the manager has the option to convert the vacation to personal, official or unpaid vacation. Every early arrival at work and every start of work are automatically recorded as hours worked. The same applies to leaving work later. The manager can either cancel the hours worked automatically or cancel the option to automatically record hours worked due to early arrival or late departure for some or all employees.


The sum of the recorded working hours in a month is automatically classified according to the billing hour types and the number of hot meals is calculated in relation to the number of hours spent in the company. The manager compares these hours with the planned number of hours per month, checks whether everything is in order and sends the data via the web service either to the payroll application in SAP or creates an Excel document that is sent as a finished document to the payroll - and payroll application in SAP payroll service in case the company uses another payroll application. Once checked and verified by the supervisor, the recorded stay or absence data, regardless of whether it was recorded via the employee's mobile phone or by scanning the employee card at the terminal or by recording it via the order list in the desktop application, can no longer be recorded changed.

How to get to the application

You can start LoginToWork on your mobile phone by clicking the button below:

You can install LoginToWork for iOS 

mobile phones from

App Store:

You can install LoginToWork for Android mobile phones from Google Play:

You can launch the desktop application by clicking the button below: 


View some of the screenshots of cell phone screens

View some of the screenshots of the desktop application

Short description of the application

Records of employee attendance at work locations or projects.


For companies in which employees are assigned to different locations or with different work assignments within a location, it is difficult to keep track of where who has been, where who should be, or where who is assigned and for what time. The LoginToWork application now offers you what is available on your mobile phone.


The LoginToWork application emphasized easy data entry into the application. Managers at the work sites of their employees or workers for themselves record their arrival or departure via their mobile phones when they are in an area where there is a registered work site. After entering the data into the application, the information is immediately available to everyone with access.


Recording the employee's presence at the work site or project can be done for the current day as a record or for days in advance as a planning of the employee's work schedule. Employee scheduling is useful for the employer in the sense that it cannot happen that an employee is left unscheduled or even the same employee is scheduled twice at more than one workplace at the same time. Scheduling can also be useful for employees themselves, as it allows them to know their work schedule in advance. It is important to note that an employee may be present at multiple work locations or projects on the same day. As you enter each new work location or project, your stay at the previous work location or project will automatically end.


In addition to recording employees at the work sites, the application also offers the entry of planned and carried out activities for each day in the form of texts that are entered into the fields provided. There is no limit to the number of text field pages within a day.


It is also possible to record the presence of vehicles/machinery at workplaces using the same principle as already described for employee files.


In addition to recording the presence of employees, machines and vehicles, it is also possible to keep daily records of material consumption.


Every employee reports to the work site via their mobile phone, according to the principle “One mobile phone – registration for one employee”. For employees who do not have a mobile phone, the manager can complete check-in and check-out by directly entering the application on their mobile phone. Any scheduled arrival of an employee to work and scheduled departure of an employee from work that is not confirmed by mobile phone login or manually by the manager will be displayed as red text in the records (unless the manager justifies this manually). ). ). Arrivals that occurred after the scheduled time and departures that occurred before the scheduled time are both displayed in orange color (unless the manager manually excuses this). Arrivals that occurred before the scheduled time and departures that occurred after the scheduled time are both green. As employees check in and out of work locations, employees' shift lists are automatically populated. In the event that the employee did not show up for work for any reason (vacation, illness, public holiday, etc.), it is possible to manually record this type of hours for this employee by an authorized person directly in the application to the timesheet to fill out.


The waybill, like most other records in the application, can be downloaded in HTML format to the Downloads folder and opened as an HTML document or as an Excel document.


The database is in the cloud, so you don't need any additional equipment other than the mobile phone on which the application is installed. The application can be installed and used by all employees of a company.


Each registered user (company) is given the opportunity to create user logins with different authorization levels for their employees, such as:

  • the privilege to open user logins and grant permissions, enter companies that work for you and whose records of employees, machines/vehicles on construction sites, in addition to your own employees, machines/vehicles, you can also monitor
  • the right to enter/change employee data
  • Authorization to enter data such as overtime, work in the redistribution of working hours, annual leave records, voluntary blood donations, business trip records with approval steps
  • the right to enter data changes in the code book of workplaces, machines/vehicles, workplaces and qualifications
  • the right to records about employees, vehicles/machinery, job descriptions, material consumption at the workplace
  • the privilege that the employee can only see his work schedule

Before you decide to become a registered user and use the Application on a monthly rental basis, you can test the Application. As a test user you have the following restrictions

  • You cannot update codebooks:
    • Personal data of employees
    • Jobs
    • Qualifications of employees
  • The data you enter as a test user will only be available for as long as you are logged in to the application, up to a maximum of one day after login (unless you log out).

The user login for the test user is:

  • User:             test
  • Password:   testtest

If after testing the application you would like to become a registered user and fully use the application, please contact us.

The monthly rental price for the application with full functionality is 1 euro per employee. For example, for 50 or more employees, a payment of €50 is required to use the application for one month. If you have paid the monthly fee for using the application for a certain number of employees, you can enter as many employees in the employee codebook and open user logins for this number of employees. Pay for a certain number of employees can be changed subsequently. If you stop payments for renting the application, the data you entered will be available to you for the next three months, but you will not be able to enter new data or change existing ones. After three months of non-payment of the application rental, you will be informed that the data you entered will be deleted. Most of the data you enter into the application can be downloaded in HTML format and saved as an HTML or Excel document.

The application for managing user requests, filling and updating the code book, as well as the material and inventory accounting module are available in the desktop application at the following link: